Kitui County measures to prevent corona virus spread

  1. All public gatherings in Kituî are all suspended.
    2. All compassionate gatherings including burial ceremonies, birthday parties should not exceed ten people, probably include only family members.
    3. All public places that attract public including factories, banks, restaurants should urgently ensure availability of water for handwashing, something that will be supervised by county ministry of health.
    4. Barbers and salons shall remain open, but ensure there are enough sanitizers. No customer should be allowed to wait in their premises.
    5. All public service vehicles should ensure availability of sanitizers water for handwashing.
    6. The bodaboda and taxi operators urged to maintain high levels of hygiene
    7. The public transporters between Kituî and neighbouring counties are strictly urged to maintain a manifest of hygiene to their passengers.
    8. All market days in Kituî are suspended until further notice.
    9. All bars in Kitui are suspended from allowing their customers to drink within their premises.
    10. Sale of mugukas in Kitui county suspended to Operate until further notice.
    11. Police urged to release petty offenders to reduce congestion in cells as per president’s directive.
    12. All visits to patients within Kitui hospitals are strictly limited to one family member.
    13. Only refered patients from primary health facilities will be allowed in level 4 hospitals
    14. Mama mbogas and small scale traders are advised to keep a radius of two metres in their business.
    15. All recreational activities are suspended with immediate effect until further notice.
    16. Kituî has set three isolation wards in Kitui county referral hospital, Kauwi level 4 hospital and Mwingi level 4 hospital.
    17. Churches allowed to operate, only with the congregation keeping a two-metre radius.

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