Simeon Kitheka says he is the best bet for Machakos Senatorial seat

Simeon Kioko Kitheka

Machakos Senate aspirant Simon Kitheka has urged county residents to vote for him as he offers alternative leadership.

He urged residents to rise above partisan politics and make informed choices based on the individual aspirant’s ability to lead them.

Kitheka has relentlessly advocated for the needs of residents and actively participated in community projects aimed at improving the lives and livelihoods of the people of Machakos.

He has a fanatical following among the business community and residents since he has been fighting for their rights.
He is one of the educated businessmen Machakos County with MBA in entrepreneurship.
Simeon Kioko Kitheka
Senate’s overall function is to protect the interests of the counties and their governments. Article 96 of the Constitution provides that the Senate has a role in-
1. Law -making;
2. Determining allocation of national revenue among counties as per Article 217 of the Constitution and overseeing national revenue allocated to county governments; and
3. Considering and determining any resolution to impeach the President and Deputy President as per the provisions of Article 145 and 150(2) of the Constitution respectively.
In exercising its legislative mandate, the Senate considers, debates and approves Bills.
Simeon Kioko Kitheka has promised to deliver

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