There is need to protect girls by ensuring that their future is secured-Wavinya Ndeti

Transport CAS Wavinya Ndeti

By Cornelius Kimbui

As the World marks International Day of Girl Child, Transport CAS Wavinya Ndeti  has asked  leaders and parents to be at the forefront in championing girl child education.

She parents to deviate from culturally retrogressive practices that impede girl child education.

Speaking to County Champion, Wavinya said time has come to ensure that their future is secured

“Dear girl child, it’s time to rise above culture, stereotypes and social economic obstacles. You can be anything and everything you set your mind to achieve.The world is yours to soar, rule and shine.
On this international day of the girl child, the world can only be brighter as our girls are” she said

“There is need to protect our daughters by ensuring that their future is secured through a good education and not marriage which is not the alternative to a good life, ,” she stated.

“Parents should avoid the temptation of marrying off their girls for dowry and allow their children to finish school, as that is the only way to ensure they become self-sufficient,” Wavinya said.

The CAS said that girl-child education and economic empowerment of women would reduce the number of abuses the womenfolk face like sexual and domestic violence.

On child labour, Wavinya said girls should not leave schooling for employment under what is considered hazardous to their normal growth and development.

She said many factors have been identified to make children end up in employment situations that are injurious not only to their physical health, but also to their mental and social well being.

Said Ndeti, schools have been one way of eradicating child labour since when our girls are in school they feel more secure.”.

“People should stop employing school going girls to work for them and those who force them to work must stop that”. The Bishop told this paper

Why is International Day of the Girl important?

On this International Day of the Girl, leaders commit themselves to ensuring opportunity and equality for all girls.

Girls in the world face gender bias and discrimination, subjecting them to harmful circumstances that impede their safety, stability, education, and opportunity

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